HCA và TAITRA mời doanh nghiệp quan tâm tham dự Smart City Summit & Expo 2015 tại Taiwan

Smart City Summit & Expo 2015

Thời gian: 20/01/2015 – 23/01/2015 Địa điểm: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Nangang Exhibition Hall No.5, Hsin-yi Road, Sec.5, Taipei 11011, Taiwan Đơn vị tổ chức: Hiệp hội Máy Tính Đài Bắc (Taipei Computer Association) Website: http://smartcity.org.tw Qui mô triển lãm: The Concept of Smart City was extended from IBM’s idea of Smarter Planet. “Smart” means to apply cutting edge information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile internet to utilities, buildings, and systems that surround us. Smart solutions allow us to have higher work efficiency and quality of life by integrating humanity into technology.

Developing smart cities is viewed as an important indicator to governments all over the world due to ICT technology strengthens public service, and improves government processing. In the past few years, Taiwan’s municipal governments actively participating in ICF’s intelligent community evaluation and repeatedly received outstanding rating. In 2006 Taipei City and in 2013 Taichung City won the Intelligent Community of the Year. This shows that municipal governments of Taiwan highly value the development of smart cities.

Society has demands on green energy and sustainable development, plus the popularity of smart handset devices and Wi-Fi, citizens’ need of smart services expedites the developments of smart cities. In 2013, Taipei Computer Association gathered corporations from various industries to organize Smart City Expo and look forward to seeing it become the communication platform of Asia Pacific region. Due to the success of 2014 Smart City Expo, Taipei Computer Association and co-organizers will continue to hold next year’s Smart City Expo.

Lĩnh vực triễn lãm: Smart City Expo was initiated by Taiwanese corporations as building smart cities has become a global trend; also they saw the great business opportunity behind smart city development. Taipei Computer Association expected to see relevant members who are responsible for urban planning can share their knowledge and experience through this annual event. Companies’ full participation contributed to Smart City Expo’s profession, and most importantly, demonstrations of the latest technologies and services made the Smart City Expo an enjoyable exhibition.

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